How to Use Videos on Social Media to Sell a Property

Image of Josh Wheeler against a brick wall

Josh Wheeler, Co-Owner

Photos alone can’t capture every selling point of a property. Video, however, brings a home to life by conveying the natural light, neighborhood feel, and charming details. It enables Realtors to show – rather than tell – their property, and the results are impossible to ignore.

Not only do buyers engage more with video than with text or photos alone, but 73% of sellers look to list their home with a Realtor who uses video. [1]  And once real estate marketing videos are created, they’re easy to share across social channels, property listings, and your website. Unsure how to get started? Not to worry – we’ve compiled all your quesitons and some quick how-to’s to get you on your way!

What types of video content should you share on social media?

  • Videos showcasing properties currently on the market
  • Clips highlighting properties just sold
  • Short testimonial videos from satisfied clients
  • Day-in-the-life clips
  • Short videos to communicate an agent’s personality

Why should you be sharing video on social media?

  • By engaging additional audio, visual, and emotional senses, video helps viewers remember information better than photos or text alone.
  • As a result, video is the perfect medium to translate your values and promotions dynamically to make a strong impact.
  • Video posts receive more comments and shares than other posts, increasing the reach.
  • Videos shared natively to social media sites will be prioritized by their algorithms and will be seen by more potential customers.

After watching video content, what do viewers tend to do?

  • Take action, such as navigating to a website or clicking a link.
  • Retain 95% of the message, compared to 10% when message is communicated via text.
  • Spend 88% more time interacting with the content or browsing a website with video.
  • Share the video post more often than they share posts with photos or text alone.
Videographer shooting footage of a kitchen

Real estate video shoot in action

Adding Videos to Facebook

  • File Size: 4 GB max | Duration: <120 min | Video Format: MPEG4
  • Click the Photo/Video button in the ‘Create Post’ box at the top of your Home Page.
  • On the window that expands, select a video file from your computer and open it to add it to your Facebook post.
  • Type an engaging caption or explanation into the ‘Say Something About this Video’ box.
  • Select who you’d like to see this video via the privacy settings, then click ‘Post’!

Adding Videos to Instagram

  • File Size: 4 GB max | Duration: <60 sec | Video Format: MPEG4
  • To upload a video, tap ‘Library’ (iPhone) or ‘Gallery’ (Android) at the bottom of the screen and select the video you’d like to share.
  • To record a video, tap ‘Video’ at the bottom of the screen. Hold the record button to start the video and release it to stop. You can tap and hold again to record another video clip or just tap the two arrows in the middle of the screen to switch cameras.
  • Once you’ve recorded or uploaded the video, you can add a filter, caption and location.
  • Note: You cannot upload videos from a computer.

Adding Videos to Twitter

  • File Size: 512 MB max | Duration: <2 min | Video Format: MPEG4
  • Tap the Tweet icon, and below the composition box you will see quick selection options of the most recent files in your gallery.
  • Choose a video file to add stored on your phone or computer and click ‘Open.’
  • If the video you upload is longer than 2 minutes, you will need to trim it before posting.
  • Add a message or caption and click ‘Tweet’ to share your video and corresponding text.

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