Our 2020 Twist on Halloween

Tara Wheeler, Owner

In our house, we treat Halloween as the official kick-off the holidays. It signals the start of bonfires and s’mores season, set against the backdrop of a beautiful color-changing Delaware landscape. The costumes, the silliness, the decorations, the time spent with friends, and the treats (can’t forget the treats!) – everything about Halloween brings us so much joy.

But this holiday, like so many things this year, will be a bit different in 2020. Some neighborhoods have discouraged or banned trick-or-treating, and in-person costume parties are, for the most part, cancelled. But with Halloween signifying so much for our family, we refuse to let it pass without notice!

Knowing that many of you are likely at your wit’s end of being creative and adapting to the circumstances, we wanted to share our plans in case they make it easier for you to create a fun alternative to trick-or-treating this year.

Aerial Photo of a White Brick Home with a Pumpkin on the Porch

Aerial photo of a light brick home with a little Halloween flair on the porch.

We will be hosting a small neighborhood scavenger hunt instead of our kids going door-to-door, and I think it’s going to be just as fun as the traditional routine! Josh and I prepared a list of funny Halloween decorations that we’ve noticed around the neighborhood, but we’ve have been careful not to point them out to Logan and Grayson – can’t give them an unfair advantage!

Some of the items on our list are a skeleton on a roof, a scarecrow, two skeletons on rocking chairs, and a zombie. When the kids find all the items, they return to our yard as the gathering spot to receive a bag of treats personally selected for them. We’re hopeful that the kids will enjoy being able to walk around the neighborhood in pairs, still getting a chance to wear their costumes and masks, but not needing to ring doorbells or interact with anyone outside our group.

If this sounds fun, download this blank Halloween Scavenger Hunt PDF then take a walk or drive through your neighborhood to identify unique and funny items that can be added to your personalized list. And voila! Halloween 2020 is going to be one to remember!

Twilight aerial image of Wilmington, DE

Blank version of our neighborhood Halloween scavenger hunt.

Aerial Image of Home Set In Colorful Trees
Red Brick Home in Fall
Brick Home Set against Trees
Backyard fire pit with Adirondack chairs