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Professional Real Estate Photography and Home Staging are the fundamentals of preparing a home for sale.

Your home is probably your largest asset. When selling the most valuable thing you own, wouldn’t you want it to sell for the most money possible?  Just look at how clothing, decor, and even hotel rooms are sold. You will notice they use well staged spaces with crisp, clear photos to get top dollar for their products. It pulls buyers in and makes them want the product. You too deserve the most you can get for your home. With a little help and guidance, you can attract more buyers and sell your home for more money.

Wheeler Home Concepts provides affordable Professional Real Estate Photography and Home Staging services.

Home staging starts with a consultation, where we perform a walk-through of your home. We then provide you a checklist of recommended tasks to complete. If requested, you will also receive a quote for a staging package, based on the needs of your property. Staging packages are simple as refreshing some decor, staging every room of a vacant home, or anything in-between. Then, we will take Professional Real Estate Photos when your property is ready to be listed, in order to showcase your property and drive traffic to your listing.

For more information on the service we provide and to view samples of our work, please explore our website using the menu at the top of the page, or by clicking the icons below.

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Real Estate Photography

The photos of a property make all the difference. Listing photos are a critical factor in the selling price of your home, how quickly it sells, and whether it sells at all.

Home Staging

Editing and rearranging furnishings to create a better flow and focal point in each room can add thousands of dollars to a homeowner’s market value.

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